About the Conference


The Kabarak University International Conference on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is an annual event organized by the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence group in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology.

The conference seeks to provide a platform for learning and the dissemination of research findings in the area of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The conference features workshops, tutorials, paper presentations and a projects showcase.  In this regard the event accepts abstracts, full papers and posters for presentation and publication.

Objectives of this Conference

  1. To provide a platform AI researchers and practitioners to share experiences, practical skills and knowledge in the development, deployment and adoption of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions in Africa.
  2. To facilitate networking among senior and upcoming Data Science and Artificial Intelligence researchers with their industry counterparts for the establishment of collaborations.
  3. To provide an opportunity for presentation of research and practice papers which will be published in conference proceedings and a journal special issue for dissemination purposes.


The conference is held in hybrid format - In person at Kabarak University and online on web conferencing